Staff & Development

People, Learning, and Innovation

Solidaridad believes in the strength of an interconnected organization, which is open for and has trust in the talent and knowledge of its staff. This is captured in our Human Resources strategy. As an entrepreneurial network organization with an international, culturally diverse staff, sharing knowledge, experience, and expertise are key to our success.

200 members of our staff gathered in May to mark our 50th anniversary


Each region contributed to build further on our ongoing HR agenda focused on the development of our people. The key milestone was our 50th anniversary, when hundreds of colleagues came together to celebrate, learn, inspire, and be inspired. We compiled the learnings on all aspects of our organization in a handbook to improve our work for the most vulnerable farmers and other workers.  

We also enhanced our HR policies and instruments. The policies supported the recruitment of new staff members, ensured all new employee agreements included our code of conduct and good practices and the whistleblower procedure, and refined onboarding.

In 2019, Solidaridad’s net growth in the number of employees was 119. See table below.

At the end of 2019, Solidaridad employed 915 people: 284 (31%) women and 631 men. (By comparison, at the end of 2018 we employed 226 women and 492 men.) See below for the gender balance in staff composition.

The chart shows that Europe, South America, and Southern Africa employed the most women at 64%, 45%, and 44% respectively. Asia and West Africa employed the fewest, at 19% and 34% respectively. North America employed 2 staff in 2019 (both female). Due to the low number of staff, they are not visible in the charts. 

The HR team worked closely with the International Supervisory Board to coordinate the recruitment process for our new executive director. This process was successfully concluded with the appointment of Jeroen Douglas as of 1 June. 

Within the Network Secretariat, we reviewed and updated all essential HR processes. Working with the global HR teams, a new policy on HR and Learning was developed, and the next steps were taken for implementation from 2020 onwards.

Plans for 2020 also include continuously improving HR quality standards. For example, we will clarify the roles and mandates needed to harmonize performance and talent management. Finally, HR will enhance the integrity framework and code of ethics to foster a culture in which people feel safe to work and to speak up.