Annual Accounts

Network Finances in 2019

Our results have only materialized thanks to the generous support from many companies, donors and governments all over the world. Our operational budget reached a record €66,2 million, a growth of 19% in relation to 2018. In one decade of Network existence, the organization grew from a bare 18 million turnover, to where we are now.


The revenue of Solidaridad Network increased with € 9.6 million from € 55.6 in 2018, to € 66.2 in 2019. The average growth over 9 years, from 2011 to 2019 was 33% per year from € 18.3 million in 2011 to € 66.2 million in 2019.

Aggregated income Solidaridad Network (x1000)

It is estimated that for the coming years, Solidaridad will have a slightly less steep growth path and work towards an income of 100 million Euros by 2020. 

From the total revenue of € 66.3 million in 2019, € 36.7 million (55%) was generated by the regional office of Solidaridad Europe. The three regional offices on the African continent generated € 20.6 million (31%) and Solidaridad Asia generated € 5.3 million (8%).

A little more than half of Solidaridad’s income in 2019 came from government grants. The governments of the Netherlands and Norway were the biggest contributors. Non-profit organisations (22%) and companies (21%) also contributed significantly. 



The total direct expenditure by all Solidaridad entities amounted to € 64 million. This was spent for the largest part in West Africa (38%), Asia (19%) and Europe (13%). 


Solidaridad is a true network where each region has its own supervision and financial statements. All financial statements are externally and officially audited. Below you will find the links to the official audited annual accounts. Note that legal entities and regional financial reporting requirements may deviate from the eight regions that we work with in practice. Some regions (e.g. Central America and South America) are integrated in one financial statement, while others (e.g. Southern Africa) report in separate financial statements per country. 

N.B. Some of the officially audited financial statements have been delayed because of COVID-19. They will be added as soon as they are available.