The Solidaridad Network

In 2018 Solidaridad’s international network of eight regional offices working across five continents continued to positively impact the lives of thousands of farmers and workers.


  • Solidaridad Asia

    In 2018 Solidaridad's South and South East Asia and China regional offices joined together to form one continental office: Solidaridad Asia. Over the last 12 years, Solidaridad has emerged as an innovative sustainable solutions provider in Asia. We provide training on climate-smart sustainable agriculture and decent work for 500,000 farmers and 200,000 workers in 13 commodity areas. READ MORE

  • Solidaridad Central America

    In 2018, Solidaridad Central America continued to grow in action and vision. We deepened impact in our palm oil, sugarcane, cocoa, coffee and livestock programmes, and expanded our vision to include landscape-level interventions. Partnerships grew to include additional smallholders’ groups, private-sector actors, and philanthropic and potential impact investors.  READ MORE

  • Solidaridad East and Central Africa

    In 2018, Solidaridad Eastern and Central Africa promoted best practices and sustainability to ensure sector transformation through our textile, leather, coffee, gold, dairy, fruits and vegetables programmes. We focused on food security, gender inclusivity, ICT, climate innovations, investment in viable businesses for impact creation, working with producers and industries. We engaged governments, financial institutions and markets in creating robust infrastructure, that resulted in effective production and working environments. READ MORE

  • Solidaridad Europe

    We need speed and scale to create sustainable landscapes: The main message of Solidaridad Germany's humorous activity at the Global Landscape Forum in Bonn last year. Policy makers from around the globe were motivated to run quite a bit faster towards their goals. It reflects both the urgency Solidaridad feels to accelerate sustainable economic development on a global scale, and the fact that we are increasingly geared towards the heart of the European market and political power. READ MORE




  • Solidaridad North America

    2018 saw Solidaridad begin to emerge from anonymity in North America. We were featured on national television, received a significant award, hosted a major conference and participated in numerous events, activities and publications throughout the year. In a region with more than a million NGOs, it has been a successful year for us. READ MORE

  • Solidaridad Southern Africa

    Solidaridad Southern Africa has had an exciting year of reflection and growth. Our team has expanded to grow our innovation area and commodity expertise. The Sustainable Water Fund project ended with stellar results proving that building a well-resourced team matched with great partners is a prerequisite for achieving impact. In 2018 we focused on setting up the right foundation for the pipeline of work we will be pursuing to position the organization as a leader in sustainable development within the region.  READ MORE

  • Solidaridad South America

    Solidaridad South America is adapting its strategy to effectively serve farmers and companies with climate-smart solutions. We’re working towards more resilient production with less emissions and better use of land and water, while avoiding deforestation. In 2018 we had an ambassador in Zezinho whose climate-smart cocoa beans were used to make the first chocolate from Tuêre to win a prize at Paris’ Salon du Chocolat.  READ MORE