Solution-oriented civil society organization

Solidaridad positions itself as a 21st century civil society organization with a solution and market-oriented focus. Markets are becoming legitimate channels for social and ecological change. Solidaridad is not a watchdog. What fits us better is the role of the guide dog and we need to avoid becoming a lap dog. Solidaridad is a critical partner defending public goods for future generations.

Most market processes are part of the problem, so we have to turn business practices into part of the solution. The driving concept for this is market transformation. Markets can only produce more desirable social and ecological outcomes through the interaction between good governance, corporate social and ecological responsibility and innovative civil society contributions. Public-private sector partnerships will be increasingly important for leveraging change. 

Both the population and consumption per capita are expected to grow rapidly for decades to come. By and large, these growth patterns outpace efforts to reduce negative impacts.

One of the most pressing examples of growth outpacing sustainability is climate change. Attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been estimated to be seven times too slow to compensate for rapidly increasing consumption. Ecological challenges are increasingly interlinked on a global scale due to the intensity of the use of land, water and energy. In general, inequality in our world is growing.

The richest 42 multi-billionaires at the top of the income ladder hold wealth equal to the annual income of the 3.7 billion people at the bottom. The increasing disparity between rich and poor should inspire us to choose another – more inclusive – model of growth based on participation. Participation is key. Social inclusion – leaving no one behind – based on a broad pro-poor growth strategy. 

Solidaridad designed a Theory of Change and defined result areas for a five-year strategy period from 2016 to 2020: 

  • good practices 
  • robust infrastructures in agriculture, mining and industry
  • landscape innovations 
  • enabling policy environments 


Our mission is to bring together supply chain actors and engage them in innovative solutions to improve production, supporting the transition to a sustainable and inclusive economy that maximizes the benefit for all. We aspire to transform production practices in such a way that it provides fair and profitable business opportunities, guarantees decent working conditions and a living wage, and does not deplete landscapes where people thrive.


Solidaridad envisions a world in which all we produce, and all we consume, can sustain us while respecting the planet, each other and next generations.