Solidaridad Plaza

Solidaridad was one of the first European nonprofits to use Salesforce as its core, cloud-based database system. One platform holding all the data of the Solidaridad Network worldwide. Hundreds of projects, contracts and grants, and thousands of people, companies, organisations, transactions and so on. All in one place and accessible to all, so we called it Solidaridad Plaza.

Plaza started small focussing on the most basic and relevant data. Over the years, it has grown to become a comprehensive information platform holding tens of thousands of data records supporting key management and reporting processes. Plaza was also integrated with the Google Cloud (G Suite) and FinancialForce was implemented on the Salesforce platform as Solidaridad’s network-wide accounting system.

In 2018 we continued to further develop Plaza using our own limited internal resources. Significant progress was made but, increasingly, despite the concerted efforts of the Plaza Team, this proved no longer to be an effective strategy. Gathering user requirements, designing, building, testing, implementing, administering, and supporting a comprehensive network-wide system such as Plaza for over 300 users is too big a task for a small, internal team.

Towards the end of 2018 Solidaridad decided to commission an assessment of Plaza and its management and governance. External developments such as the tremendous growth of the amount of nonprofits now using Salesforce, and the growth of the amount and breadth of applications available within the so-called Salesforce ecosystem, will also be taken into consideration in the Plaza assessment. The recommendations of the assessment will be implemented in 2019.