Digital tools transform the future of farming

Solidaridad experts observed rapid innovation in product development and farming practices, especially with the advancement of technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain technologies. Digital tools provide a wealth of information that enables targeted technical assistance at an individual level. They also support the design of programmes that tackle farmers’ most common challenges.

Going forward, the Solidaridad team is particularly interested to explore how knowledge and technology can unlock innovation and facilitate the transition to a circular and biobased economy. The teams also understand that effective innovation must be rooted in local knowledge and take into account lived realities on the ground.

There is continued recognition that to support producers, comprehensive solutions are needed and that these solutions must go beyond certification and be linked with markets. To effectively tackle sustainability challenges today, a full suite of approaches is required. This ranges from ensuring access to finance to creating an enabling policy and institutional environment, as well as taking a landscape approach to interventions.