Human Resources

People, Learning and Development

Solidaridad is an international network organization with a culturally diverse staff. Its staff are the key factor which help the global organization to realize the vision and strategy of Solidaridad. However, the differences between the regional expertise centres (RECs) in terms of the initial HR situation and challenges are significant. But there is a common denominator to be found.

The overarching HR strategy at the Network level, “Growth Through Connection” (the HR Strategy Solidaridad 2016-2020) emphasizes the strength of an interconnected organization, which is open for and has trust in the talents, expertise and knowledge of its staff. Implementation of the human resources policy and its related performance and talent management takes place at the regional level. This requires strengthening the HR capacity of the global organization to address the growing need for human resources management.

Solidaridad is a learning organization. The Solidaridad innovation agenda is meant to increase the impact of development efforts toward a sustainable and inclusive economy. In 2017, Solidaridad invested in Global Task Force teams to implement the Innovation Agenda and build the organization’s track record on the basis of existing best practices and successful new interventions.

Creating a sustainable organization

Learning together means creating a culture of cooperation, providing and receiving feedback, and allowing staff to learn and improve. In 2017, employees and managers prepared, conducted and recorded discussions about performance, personal growth and improvements. In addition, the regional Managing Directors have evaluated their performance with the members of the International Supervisory Board.

In 2018, extra attention will be invested in aligning effective and consistent HR policies and work processes, as well as define quality standards. Creating clarity about roles and mandates are needed to harmonize Performance and Talent Management.

Furthermore, attention will be paid to the establishment of the Solidaridad Academy. The aim of the Academy is to continuously enhance staff development and capacity building and improve the quality of their work in the field to improve the lasting impact of Solidaridad solutions. The Academy focuses on “Doing things better” based on rules of professional conduct and effective methods, guidelines and protocols. In addition, the Academy delivers services that focus on aspects such as leadership, intercultural communication, Solidaridad values and Solidaridad’s Innovation Agenda.

Gender Diversity

At the end of 2017, Solidaridad employed 543 people. The goal of the diversity policy is that Solidaridad’s staff should reflect the local population wherever possible. With 198 female and 345 male employees, we aim to improve the gender balance in our staff.