Annual Accounts

Network Finances in 2017

The Solidaridad Network implementation budget for 2017 was lower than budgeted and also lower than in previous years. 2017 was a key year in which new contracts were agreed with donors. Spending of those contracts however, was lower than anticipated in the year.

As in previous years, Solidaridad Europe held the largest share of contracted income, but financial contributions from other regional expertise centres (REC) are growing each year. These indicators confirm the effectiveness of Solidaridad's innovative model of continental contracting, supported by a continental governance system.


The total amount that Solidaridad Network invested in 2017 was €39.7 million against a budgeted investment of €55 million. The budget for the year was set at an ambitious target. New contracts were agreed but spending of the contracted funding was lower than anticipated for the year.

Consolidated financial statements for all entities of Solidaridad Network are not prepared. The audited financial statements of each regional expertise centre can be found on the respective annual report pages for those centres as soon as they are final.

The figures below present the aggregated income figures of all entities within Solidaridad Network; all independently contracted income of each Solidaridad Office together forms an income for all of the Network of € 39.7 million.

Solidaridad Network Income Statement 2017
in €1,000

Income 2017 Actual 2017 Budget 2016 Actual
Solidaridad South America 1,596 1,786 4,969
Solidaridad Central America 95 32 14
Solidaridad West Africa 3,958 2,070 4,594
Solidaridad Southern Africa 1,569 845 4,132
Solidaridad East & Central Africa 1,286 1,786 2,772
Solidaridad South & South-East Asia 7,980 4,762 7,620
Solidaridad China 131 0 396
Solidaridad Europe 22,859 23,666 18,541
Solidaridad North America 217 5,131 322
Estimated income in pipeline 0 14,922 0
Total income 39,691 55,000 43,360