Partnerships that matter

The leaders of leading companies no longer talk about corporate responsibility as a side issue for their CSR departments. Some, for example Unilever and H&M, are now applying the huge resources of their businesses – the brands, the global presence and the creativity of their employees – to actively engage with our agenda around the world.

Highlights of 2014

  • South America

    By engaging with leading companies in the region, Solidaridad increased the supply of soy produced in 2014 under several systems of sustainable management, confirming that a change of mindset in producers can drive bottom-up market transformation.

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  • The Andes

    In 2014 Minera Yanaquihua, a small gold mine, received Responsible Jewellry Council (RJC) certification. This represents an important milestone because it proves that it’s possible for smaller mines to adopt responsible business practices in gold extraction and processing.

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  • Central America

    Pilot projects for palm oil in Honduras and Guatemala and for sugarcane in Mexico have expanded, as sustainability standards were shown to be both attainable and effective for all stakeholders. By the end of the year, producers and processors throughout the region were asking to participate.

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  • West Africa

    Solidaridad has taken its producer support programmes beyond voluntary certification standards by encouraging discussions on new policy and working with partners to support producers in the various value chains.

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  • Southern Africa

    Expansion of the middle and upper classes in Africa continues, presenting a huge opportunity for local farmers and entrepreneurs. Solidaridad is exploring how to link the economic growth of the cities to opportunities in rural Africa.

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  • East & Central Africa

    Solidaridad has expanded, creating further opportunities for growth. Strengthening staff capacity was a key priority in 2014, as was maintaining good relationships with donors. In addition, new partnerships have given us an opportunity to develop exciting new projects.

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  • South & South-East Asia

    With growing populations and the impact of climate change, the availability of land and water is under strain. We help organize the market in such a way that will ensure food security, reduce poverty and encourage all stakeholders to manage ecosystems sustainably.

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  • China

    Given that China has the highest demand for imports of global commodities such as palm oil and soy, Solidaridad is engaging with key stakeholders to explore China’s potential role as a model for promoting sustainability worldwide.

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  • The Netherlands

    Solidaridad continues to work towards long-term, sector-wide impacts across a range of commodities in far-reaching partnerships with, among other companies, H&M and Unilever. While the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Postcode Lottery remain primary donors, Solidaridad has broadened its donor base.

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  • North America

    Solidaridad has now fully grown into its role as an adviser to North American consumer goods companies and private foundations on issues such as sectoral trends, multi-stakeholder initiatives, opportunities and risks within supply chains, and we continue to engage in partnerships that are set up to achieve sustainability targets.

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Foreword by Nico Roozen

The past year was an exciting one for Solidaridad. Our activities grew strongly and we were thus able to significantly increase the impact of our programmes worldwide.

The consolidated figures from the Solidaridad Network show an increase in our overall budget from €33,800,000 in 2013 to €42,387,000 in 2014. This figure is slightly above target. In terms of staff, the Network increased from 277 employees worldwide at end of 2013 to 365 employees by the end of 2014. These are remarkable figures in a particularly challenging Official Development Assistance environment, which has resulted in much lower budgets for many of our colleague organizations.

Programme investments in thousand euros


Annual budget in thousand euros



Growth represents both an opportunity and a challenge. It’s an opportunity to achieve even greater impact together with our partners and thus make a real difference for more people. However, growth also challenges us to improve our internal structures and processes, integrate new staff and strengthen cooperation within our network organization.


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