AMBITION 2020: Walking the talk together

Solidaridad launched AMBITION 2020, its new strategy for inclusive and sustainable economic development, at a network-wide meeting in Ghana in March 2016. The launch of Solidaridad’s strategy was supported by the presence of Ghana’s Minister of Finance, Seth Terkper, and the Deputy Director-General for International Cooperation at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Reina Buijs. Solidaridad Executive Director Nico Roozen outlines the new strategy in the letter below.

It is with great satisfaction and pleasure that I am able to inform you that, by the start of 2016, the implementation phase has begun for AMBITION 2020, Solidaridad’s new five-year plan for inclusive and sustainable economic development.

Our strategy is aimed at engaging supply chain players in innovative solutions to make production more sustainable. AMBITION 2020 describes the main goals, strategies and solutions Solidaridad will use in the coming years to achieve this goal. With this new strategy, Solidaridad positions itself as a 21st century civil society organization with a solution and market-oriented focus.

We designed a Theory of Change and defined the following result areas for the next five-year period:

  • good practices in agriculture, mining and industry
  • robust infrastructures in agriculture, mining and industry
  • landscape innovations
  • enabling policy environments

These four result areas contribute to two overarching aims: sustainable and inclusive sectors, and sustainable landscapes.

Good practices in agriculture will remain a focus point for Solidaridad's work in the years to come. Solidaridad and its partners can only make a difference in the field by directly working with farmers.

However, inclusive development starts with women. Solidaridad will renew and improve its gender inclusion strategies. Diversity – gender diversity – gives better results, better decision making and better cooperation. Women are better at giving the benefits of their work back to their communities and families.

New technologies like Rural Horizons will enable Solidaridad to reach speed and scale in its programming. The information technology revolution will allow us to switch from compliance to continual improvement, from codes of conduct to incentives from peer comparison.

Grants will be linked to credits and impact investments. Influencing the direction and the flow of capital, credit and investments is decisive for the future. The challenge is to link grant funding to decisions that bankers and investors make.

Public-private sector partnerships will be increasingly important for leveraging change and we would greatly appreciate your support for enhancing our vision on sustainable development. We are looking forward to continuing this discussion with companies, governments and workers alike.

Nico Roozen
Executive Director