Supervision & Management

Solidaridad’s governance structure is based on the continental European governance model. This means, amongst others, a board with a two-tier structure, emphasis on dialogue with stakeholders and focus on achieving consensus. This governance model follows the subsidiarity principle. It aims to ensure that decisions are made as closely as possible to the deepest levels in the organization and that constant checks are made to verify that actions across the Solidaridad Network are justified in light of the possibilities available at the continental, regional or national level.

Within Solidaridad, the International Supervisory Board (ISB) is the highest level of international oversight. The ISB monitors policies, the quality of programmes, financial control and the performance of the Executive Board of Directors (EBoD). Direct supervision of the regional expertise centres (REC) is organized by continent. Each Continental Supervisory Board (CSB) is represented in the ISB by its chairman, thus enabling the ISB to focus on the interest of Solidaridad Network as a whole, instead of focusing on individual RECs. The members of the ISB are:

Name Function in the board
Mariam Dao Gabala Appointed per 22 June 2015 as chairperson of the ISB, representing the CSB Africa. Dao Gabala has been a member of the ISB since 18 December 2014.
Ton Geurts Appointed per 5 June 2014, representing the CSB Netherlands.
Cheng Hai Teoh Appointed per 5 June 2014, representing the CSB Asia.
Roberto Codas Appointed per 5 June 2014, representing the CSB Latin America. His first four-year term with the CSB Latin America ended on 1 December 2015. His membership on the ISB ended per 1 January 2016.
Kannan Pashupathy Appointed per 5 June 2014, representing the CSB North America.

The ISB met twice in Amsterdam in 2015 (June, December). The approval of the new multi-annual strategic plan 2016 - 2020 was an important topic on the agenda.

The Continental Supervisory Boards are entering the mature stage of taking on their role. The boards strive for an optimal composition of five members, respecting a balanced composition in terms of gender, regional representation and areas of expertise and knowledge.

CSB / Representative name and country Position
CSB Africa
Mariam Dao Gabala (Ivory Coast) Chair / ISB representative
Audrey Gadzepko (Ghana) Member
Kamau Kuria (Kenya) Member
Graham von Maltitz (South Africa) Member
CSB Asia
Cheng Hai Teoh (Malaysia) Chair / ISB representative
Mumunusamy Subbramaniam (Mr. Subbu) (India) Member
Stephen Frost (Hong Kong) Member
CSB Latin America
Roberto Codas (Paraguay) Chair / ISB representative
André Nassar (Brazil) Member
Patricia Flores (Peru) Member
Roxana Barrantes (Peru) Member
Marina Stadthagen (Nicaragua) Member
CSB North America
Kannan Pashupathy (USA) Chair / ISB representative
Arlene Mitchell (USA) Member
Jeroen Douglas (Argentina) Member
Andréanne Grimard (USA) Member until May 2015
Sebastian Teunissen (USA) Appointed May 2015
CSB The Netherlands
Ton Geurts (NL) Chair / ISB representative
Saskia Borgers (NL) Member until October 2015
Marieke de Wal (NL) Member until October 2015
Gerrit Meester (NL) Member
Maarten van der Graaf (NL) Member
Theo Jan Simons (NL) Member
Albert Jan Zonnevylle (NL) Member until December 2015


The Solidaridad Network Foundation and Solidaridad Netherlands adhere to the Dutch Wijffels Code and the VFI’s Guidelines for the Remuneration of Directors in Philanthropic Organizations (Adviesregeling Beloning Directeuren van Goede Doelen). The latter proposes a framework for annual incomes of management positions in philanthropic organizations. Furthermore, remuneration of all employees of the Solidaridad Network Foundation and Solidaridad Netherlands is based on the so-called "BBRA scales", the salary scaling system that is used for civil servants working for the Dutch central government.

In 2015, the BBRA scaling system was also adopted for all managing directors of the Solidaridad Network. The job description of a managing director places the function in BBRA scale 14 to 16, depending on seniority and experience.

In accordance with Solidaridad’s statutes, neither the members of the International Supervisory Board nor the Continental Supervisory Boards of Solidaridad receive remuneration of any kind.