Foreword by Nico Roozen

In everything we do, we recognize that success is founded on the strength of our network organization and our partnerships. We have taken every opportunity to encourage businesses to take on sustainability commitments for the benefit of their business and the communities in which they work. In 2015, in a review on a global scale, the Solidaridad Network took stock of its commodity programmes and the implementation of strategies for moving beyond certification.

The process, and the results, have led to a new five-year strategy for intense, transformative action before 2020 that you can read about in the strategy section of this report. Our approach for the coming years has received the support of diverse national governments and our major partners, culminating in our “AMBITION 2020” multi-annual strategy that was launched in Ghana at the beginning of 2016.

Programme investments in thousand euros


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In September 2015, we launched the “Sugarcane: Fuel for Change” campaign and generated strategic discussions with partners both through social media and in person about better working conditions for sugarcane cutters. The initiative “Fruit for Thought”, launched in October 2015 at the AIJN Juice Summit in Antwerp, engaged leaders within governments, corporations and universities about using technology creatively to empower farmers to monitor and improve their own agricultural practices. In November, we sent an international delegation to the UN Climate Conference in Paris to reach out to business leaders about Solidaridad’s vision for sustainable landscape development.

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This year’s report provides examples that demonstrate Solidaridad’s impact from the global to the local level. We are proud to have been part of new international trade relations between China and Brazil for the production of sustainable soy, influencing the development of an exploding cotton and textile industry in Africa, and getting technology solutions in the hands of South American farmers in the form of Rural Horizons. Our organization is growing and adapting quickly to meet specific needs in many regions. Across the world, Solidaridad is present, working with its partners in its role as catalyst, supporter and leader for sustainable business and better working conditions.

As this report emphasizes, Solidaridad is strongly committed to collaboratively setting new norms, delivering well-targeted programmes, and working with influential partners both globally and locally to accelerate the pace of change.

Solidaridad programmes set in motion in 2015 will impact generations to come.

Nico Roozen
Executive Director