Annual Accounts

Network Finances in 2015

The Solidaridad Network implementation budget remained relatively stable in 2015. In fact, our budget continues to grow year on year, which is an indication that the level of support from our external donors and partners is also increasing. As in previous years, Solidaridad Netherlands holds the largest share of contracted income, but we also see that financial contributions from other regional expertise centres (REC) are growing each year. These indicators confirm the effectiveness of Solidaridad's innovative model of continental contracting, supported by a continental governance system.

Aggregated budget

The total amount that Solidaridad Network invested in 2015 was €41.7 million, just below the budget for the year which was set at €42 million.

The figures below present the aggregated income figures of all entities within Solidaridad Network. Aggregated means that income sent and received between RECs has been removed. These figures provide an overview of the total budget of all Solidaridad entities together. In alignment with the governance structure of Solidaridad Network, consolidated financial statements are not prepared. The audited financial statements of each REC are published on the respective annual report pages for those RECs:

  • The financial statements of the Network Secretariat are published here (PDF).
  • The Annual and Financial Reports of Solidaridad Europe are published here.

While the financial statements of each individual REC are audited, the aggregated financial figures presented here are for information purposes only and have not been subject to financial statement audits.

Income Statement Solidaridad Network 2015
in € 1,000

Income 2015 Actual 2015 Budget 2014 Actual
Solidaridad South America 5,015 2,870 4,067
Solidaridad Andes 1,521 741 882
Solidaridad Central America 36 11 482
Solidaridad West Africa 7,056 7,710 10,077
Solidaridad Southern Africa 585 1,321 403
Solidaridad East and Central Africa 1,005 445 1,799
Solidaridad South and South-East Asia 4,184 5,696 3,703
Solidaridad China 396 75 1
Solidaridad Netherlands 21,272 15,150 20,442
Solidaridad North America 591 267 365
Financial gains and other income 0 0 166
Estimated income in pipeline 0 7,713 0
Total income 41,661 42,000 42,387

Solidaridad budgets only contracted income and reports on income that has been utilised as actual. The risk that budget is not achieved is limited to the extent that contracted income is not fully utilised in the current year. 

Solidaridad has set a budgetary target of €45 million for 2016.

Solidaridad Network budget


The figures presented above cannot be accumulated to represent aggregated income and expenditure because they contain inter-regional funding flows.

Network Income & Expenditures

Income per regional expertise centre (REC) is split between what a REC has formally contracted itself and what has been received via other centres. The total expenditure of a REC generally provides a good idea of its size and the level of its activities. Project expenditure has either been invested via other organizations in the Solidaridad Network or has been invested by the REC itself.

Salary costs in one expertise centre are difficult to compare to those in another. On an absolute level, salary costs vary between RECs because they depend on price levels – and inflation – in the regions. Relative comparisons also reveal differences. Organizations that use external consultants on their projects have a relatively low level of salary cost. Smaller expertise centres spend a relatively large portion of their total costs on salaries. Lastly, some RECs are more engaged in activities such as fundraising, communication and market linkage.