Organizational structure

Solidaridad is an international network organization with partners all over the world. There is a single agenda and a single strategy: together we learn and progress, together we achieve results and together we decide on future steps.

Solidaridad’s organizational structure reflects the principle of interconnection: a participative approach with autonomous local structures on the one hand and mechanisms for management and collaboration on the other. Solidaridad Network Foundation operates as a capable, efficient network secretariat at the heart of ten regional centres, ensuring and promoting interconnection. By choosing the structure of a secretariat instead of a head office, Solidaridad avoids a cost centre that absorbs too many resources and thus detracts from what really counts: our presence in the regions, close to our partners in the field.

The network secretariat is located at the same location as the Solidaridad Netherlands office in Utrecht. As a service centre for the ten regional organizations that comprise Solidaridad, it provides services related to our quality assurance systems and standards for financial management, accountability and control, planning, monitoring and evaluation, ICT infrastructure and human resource management. The secretariat is responsible for global communication, including our international website and for the development of tools for global branding as well as communication guidelines. Another important role is to facilitate global policy development by supporting our global organizational entities such as the Executive Director, the Executive Board of Directors, the Global Commodity Teams and the Global Account Teams.

Organization chart (click on image for large view)